Saturday, May 7, 2016

Lovely and large white-striped moth

Swallow-tailed Moth (Lyssa zampa)
Location : Zone C

White stripe runs across upper and
lower wings
 It has been a few days now that the Swallow-tailed moths are seen flying in broad daylight.  Though it is mainly a nocturnal species, it is still possible to observe it flying about the park in daytime thus giving me opportunities to chase it in order to get closer for photography purpose.  Today, I managed to get close enough to this lovely and quite large 'day flying' moth.  It came out from the jungle at the edge of the Kruak wetlands at Zone C.  Some people reason that due to lack of predators such as birds which usually eat the caterpillars and also the inactivity of its other  natural enemies like parasites and pathogens they have better chance to thrive especially during the months of May to August in Sarawak.  Even though the moth is not that colourful it is unique for its large size, white stripes and enlongated tails tipped in white.
The jungle edge close to Kruak wetlands.

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