Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Termites nest size of a soccer ball

Termites nest, size of a soccer ball with opening at the bottom.  Nest is build around a vine.
Location : Provinsi Rattan

White termites at the core 
 I stumbled upon a termites nest at Provinsi Rattan today.  The nest made-up of mud was a web of cavities and channels.  In it I found white termites and there were hundreds at the core or center of the nest.  Termites have a very important role in jungle ecology where they're best in decomposing dead plant materials and thus help clear the forest of dead wood or fallen trunks.  In one specimen of the nest which was the size of a soccer ball I saw an opening below the nest.  Could it be the hole made by the ant-eaters in search for the young termites inside the nest?
Nest made up of mud.  Termites build nests underground or in mud moulds  against dead tree trunks.

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